The Mojos – The Roman Bath, 02/07/10

Hello, all – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t been away. Quite the opposite, in fact. The World Cup has kept me more or less glued to the settee and a lack of interesting (to me, anyway) gigs in York hasn’t provided me with much incentive to get off my backside and get out. Nor have I had much chance to listen properly to any recent CD purchases. So, not a lot of point in blogging, unless I was to join in the general condemnation of the eleven or so over-paid English footballers who seemed to believe that the trophy would jump into their hands if they simply turned up to the games. Better luck next time lads. What? This was the last chance for some of you? What a shame! Maybe whoever is in charge next time should look to use some Championship players – at least they’d wear the shirt with pride and, probably, put a lot more effort in. Rant over…

…as is the World Cup itself. In a strange, Doctor Who-like temporal phenomenon I’m writing this over a week after the above date and music can, once again, become a big part of my life. As I type, I’m listening to Prognosis 9 – one of a series of CDs that come free with the Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine and serves as both a sampler for a variety bands, only a small fraction of which I’ve heard of, and an incredible piece of subliminal advertising. I swear I can hear, “buy the album this comes from,” in the background of a lot of the tracks. It’s probably time to lock the credit card away for a while.

But I digress (twice already, I think). I did forgo one football match for a trip into the city for much musical goodness. In order to give Debbie a night of from what must have seemed to her to be “endless bloody football”, I met up with the gang at the Roman Bath to see the ever-excellent Mojos. The reasons were many – I’d almost forgotten what the rest of the guys (and gal) looked like; I needed some fresh air; Debbie wanted to plump up the settee cushions; I always enjoy the Mojos and, more importantly, we had tickets for upcoming gigs to swap around. The latter has now been completed with the indispensable help of a stamp, an envelope and a postman…

We’ve seen the Mojos a few times now and they never fail to put on a varied and entertaining show. Tonight was no exception. The Bath was incredibly warm and the band had all opted for shorts, proving that talent and sartorial elegance don’t have to go hand in hand. (Guys – if you are reading this, and I know you have in the past, I’m joking…) We had positioned ourselves close to the door, which gave us access to the slight cooling breeze and a good view along the stage area but, perhaps, not the best sound as we were behind most of the speakers and next to another. Tonight’s set was comprised of old favourites from the likes of Dire Straits (Money For Nothing and the superb Sultans Of Swing), Kings of Leon (Sex on Fire), Whitesnake (Here I Go Again), and Toto (Hold The Line), alongside some that don’t really float my boat such as The Kaiser Chiefs (I Predict A Riot) and some that I’d not heard them cover before including a more than passable attempt at Muse’s Uprising.

Sadly, there was an inordinate amount of funk in the form of Jamiroqui and Queen (not that I’m averse to Queen, but One Vision is the funkiest rock song I can think of…) and disco/soul, with Chic and Jackie Wilson. Although the latter’s Higher And Higher did get me and Andy a mention from lead singer John when he spotted our backing singer style dancing (damn that alcohol stuff), which was strange given the rather more attractive sight that was more or less directly in front of the band all evening. Overall, though, there was more for me to like than not and it was another very entertaining evening from one of York’s best covers bands.


About Ian

Regular gig-goer in York, both to see local and touring bands. Huge music fan, with more CDs than my wife thinks any one person should own. I also collect American comics, read a lot of SF and fantasy and am a season-ticket holder at Leeds United.
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